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I ordinated the assignments into a rational sequence a couple of weeks ago, but never posted it. Here is that ordination, with following commentary.

  1. Numerology Report
    1. Read the Report and Give Personal Opinion
    2. Cross-Examine Numerology Report against the Opinions of Others
  2. Online Tests
    1. Take a Battery of Online Tests and Provide Personal Opinion
    2. Get the Opinion of Others on Tests
  3. Inquiry of Others
    1. Inquire about Self from People who are Close to You
    2. Inquire regarding Self from Estranged Individuals
  4. Observation of Others
    1. Write FREELY about what You see in Others
    2. Examine Writings against the notion that Others are a Reflection of Self
  5. Examination of the Personal-Physical
    1. Test Your Flexibility
    2. . . . Strength
    3. . . . Cardiovascular Fitness
    4. Visit a School/Club (Take a Free Class - if one can be found - or just observe)
    5. Exam Your Physical Ability in regards to Skills, Discipline, & Willpower
  6. Examination of the Personal-Mental
    1. Simple Meditaion
    2. Observe One's Own Thoughts
    3. . . . Emotions
    4. Examine One's "Mental Food" against the afore Thoughts & Emotions
  7. Examination of the Personal-Energetic
    1. Yoga? (if someone else knows enough to write about it of feels like hunting down a resource)
    2. Stationary Qigong (Sitting/Standing)
    3. Moving Qigong
    4. Introduction of Rad-Ki Concepts (and maybe some exercises if I can find them again)
    5. Create a Comparative Analysis of the Different Modalities

Some Notes:

  1. While commentary on online test can be done fairly well on an online journal - a physical (off-line) journal will be useful, if not necessary, to document exercises of observation, corporeal-physicality, mentality, and energetics. Online journals should maintain questions and synopses.

  2. It may be useful to provide templates for entering data into journals. For example, for meditation:

    [Date & Time]

    Location: [Where Meditation was Held]

    Weather: [Atmospheric Condition During Meditation]

    Meditation: [Meditation Type]

    Time: [Length of Meditation]

    Posture: [Posture Held During Meditation]

    Comments: [Noteworthy Mentions from the Meditation]

    Suggestions: [What can be done to make the next meditation better?]

  3. Most exercises should be preformed for at least 5 consecutive days. By providing this span of time, the student should be able to acquire a fairly accurate analysis of the intended subject and it allows two free days within the projected "week" between assignments to post a synopsis.

  4. Emphasis of Physical Exercises is not to get the student into shape, but to get the student to appraise what condition s/he is currently in.

All that aside, I did not include my previous recommendations of rationality/reasonability nor morality/ethics as both topics are inherently philosophical and would naturally fit better within an examination of the Shadow perspective.

For the Physical exercises, I'd advise the creation of the 5-Day Layout, with a different exercise on each day (to test in different ways). The condition around these exercises should be such that it provides the potential minimization of necessary space and equipment. For example, for cardiovascular testing the student can 1) do jumping-jacks 2). jog 3). jump rope 4). bike and 5). skip rope (not the same as jumping rope). The first can be done for repetitions while the rest can be done for time (which doesn't necessitate a stop-watch, but can be done with any clock). Jogging and Biking, while they can be preformed over a distance, can also be done stationary (to minimize space - if it's an obstacle for the student) - or in the case of biking in particular, can be preformed lying one's back, kicking in the air (if you kick up instead of out if becomes less of an abdominal strain). Jumping/Skipping rope can be done with any facsimile or with an imagined rope. In the case of jogging, biking, and jumping/skipping rope, a steady/constant pace can be recommended, timing until the pace can no longer be maintained... Similar test can be provided for different areas of strength and flexibility.

I don't personally know too much about yoga, but I still think that it might be a good idea to introduce for the sake of broad exposure. Adequate descriptions of most energetic exercises can be found online, and I will attempt to provide picture and/or video supplement... "Rad-Ki" (theories on energy - especially projection - reminiscent of Dragonball Z), while not something I personally put much stock in, is just something I wanted to present for the sake of comparison to traditional energy modalities... Likewise, if someone would like to provide information on psionics or any occidental energetic exercises, it would be worth exposing the students to.